**EVN Technical Operation Group (TOG)**

The Technical and Operations Group (TOG) is responsible for advising the EVN Consortium Board of Directors on all aspects of technical and operational issues relevant to the reliability and performance of the network. The TOG is also the body which implements technical and operational upgrades across the network.

TOG Meetings:

MilestonesPlan monthsDatePlaceMeeting Home Page (with links to reports and presentations)Deliverables
1st TOG 03 17 April 2009 Torun, Poland 1st TOG Meeting home page 1st_TOG_Report.pdf
2nd TOG 11 4 December 2009 Bonn, Germany2nd TOG Meeting home page 2nd_TOG_Report.pdf
3rd TOG 18 21-22 June 2010 Metsähovi, Finland 3rd TOG Meeting home page 3rd_TOG_Report.pdf
4th TOG 24 28 January 2011 JIVE, Dwingeloo, Netherlands 4th TOG Meeting home page 4th_TOG_Report.pdf
5th TOG 32 29-30 August 2011  Arecibo, Puerto Rico 5th TOG Meeting home page 5th_TOG_report.pdf

Starting month (01) January 2009

TOG Organizational Issues:

Meetings of the EVN TOG are sponsored by Radio Net-FP7. To find the procedures for obtaining travel funds for RadioNet-FP7 please read the **Travel web-page**.

TOG Contact Persons:

The chairman of the TOG is Walter Alef (MPIfR, Bonn).
The vice-chair of the TOG is Michael Lindqvist (OSO, Sweden).

You can find the webpage of the EVN-TOG under **TOG home page** with links to the minutes and various reports.

Contact: Izabela Rottmann

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